Saturday, August 2, 2008

Letter to a lost friend

Hey Dude,
I always believed that tears drip out of my eyes only when some dust or speck land into it but after reading this i am once again made to believe the actual reason why my eyes go wet. And the fact that you wont be reachable on +91 98864 00501 anymore make the eyes more damp.

I have been gifted with a emotionless, stern face and a thick tongue because of which i most of times fail to convey my feelings. And due to this the feeling stay in the heart and that's where they die. However, my only faithful mode of communication has been through writing. And here is what i feel about you and our best friends.

My life has always been directionless and i let the wind decide what i have to be and where if go, like in Forrest Gump. And the wind by chance dropped me in the lush green lawns of Perot just to help meet some of the most inspirational people in my life who are Vishnu, You, Divya and Tejas and some of the greatest friends in my life who are Puneeth, Sagar, Husna, Ambika, Vinay, Sridhar, Atif, Aparna and Kaushik.

With out you folks i would not have survived in Perot. My life in Perot has gone through all the seasons possible. Pleasant Spring was when i met you people :D . And raining it was during training. It was a warm summer when we used to hang out and talk useless talks during lunch ;). And Autumn was when most of you left Perot :(.

Among all the seasons Autumn was the hardest time ever :(. It was like a flower losing its petals. The petals that broke free were Vishnu, Divya, Tejas and you.

Vishnu has been my mentor, who keeps giving feedback that helped me introspect my thoughts and think out of the box. And when he left the feedback line was cut.

Next in line was divya. I got to know her through you and her sheer energy which overflowed affected me and strengthened me. Though we have not spoken more than 10 to 15 sentences face to face and 3 to 4 sentences over phone, her mere presence filled the space with some unknown force that i fully utilized. And when she left i was thrown away into vaccum.

The petal that i lost next is tejas, who was my other source of energy. Tejas's attitude and unique approach to life turned me into a new person whom i myself didn't recognize. He indirectly built, what people call, self confidence in me. Which is now depreciating in me.

And now it you, you were like my eyes and ears. And without you i am blind and deaf adding to the already existing property in me called dumbness. What more can i say now :(

Though the petals are lost, the plant has bared a fruit which i will cherish during my life time. And the only wish that i have is that the leafs and root in the plant remain intact and the tears and petals that were shed during the autumn help the plant grow and go through another new cycle.

With Tears in eyes,