Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shopping is fun ... only for some!!

my friend says shopping is fun,
making people wonder where she all the energy to run.

in she goes and tries all goods put up for sale,
leaving behind a shopkeeper who wonders 'why did i build a shop of this big scale'.

she gets upset after buying something very nice,
if her friend buys the same at a very low price.

so she hops between shops,
in a hope to buy the best so that later she wont regret.

its nine in the morning!!

Its nine in the morning,
time to go to work while everyone is swarming,
but i am at home sitting and yawning.

now its half past noon,
its time to have a quick lunch soon,
but i am at home still yawning in my cocoon.

Its beyond nine in the night,
work at office should have drained all my might,
but here i am wondering what i will do tonight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

even after i am old

i came in as a fresher,
into a room full or treasure.

The room had no diamond or gold,
it was filled with friends good and old.

Now i am off to a land far and cold,
but will never forget u all even after i am old.