Thursday, September 10, 2009

Edinburgh - Holyrood park: part 2

I was too busy converting currency to appritiate some of the stunning places in Edinburgh. One amoung them was the Holyrood Park.

Dear old sun, who tans people back home, had made a short trip to the city. The air was warm, the grass looked greener (It was basically a day to dry all moist clothes outside). We, Tarun the dentist, sradda the liguist, Rishi the sound engineer and me, set forth on a journey to view the apartment that we guys were going to rent.

We had to cut through the holyrood park to reach the other side where the apartment was situated. The only words that i remeber using repetedly were wow and woooow. Below are the pictures of the park/hillock where one side faces the sea and the other side faces the city and we were facing one of the most beautiful part of the city.

Basically the park is filled with hills, georges, pathces of grass land and has trails all over. Photographers generaly run out of memory and general public runs out of energy before the entire park is explored. Each of the path has a difficulty level associated with it to suit people with different age and interests. For hard core trekkers there are steep path covered with corrugated rocks and stones. For old people who want to take their dog on a walk there are grass covered trails.

As a whole this is a great place to visit if your in edinburgh and see to that your trekking bag is filled with water, food, camera and extra battries ofcourse and do hope that the sun is up and the wind is low.

//for more details on the park do visit this wiki

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Edinburgh - part 1

This is my first blog out of edinburgh. I hoped to write about the beauty of the city but i will end up describing one of my adventures in the kitchen.

Back at home in India. The only reason why i used to go to the kitchen was to take piping hot masala dosas that mom used to dish out or to take a second helping of dishes that she tries after watching her cooking programs on TV. However, these days the scenario has changed. I am primarily entering the kitchen for survival.

Today the picture was different. I expected to have a mouth watering dish but ended up with a running nose. Panic just kicked in, the pizza was getting burnt in the oven and was spewing carbon monooxide all over the kitchen. All the roomies jumped into fire fighting mode. Luckily for us the fire alarm was far away in the hall and there was a good exaust fan and ventilators.

I was later left wondering what i would have done if something like this happened back at home. Probably, i would have covered my nose and casually continued to do what i was doing with a hope that the smoke will subside and that it will taken care of. Its bascially 'chaltha hai' (its okay) attitude.

I guess that attitude will start to take beating from now on and the burnt pizza is just a start.