Friday, September 5, 2008

She sells sea shells on the sea shore !!!

How long does an inscription on a sea shore last? Well she who sells sea shells on the sea shore can easily guess.
However, there is lots of difference between straining ones eye looking for customers under the hot sun and straining the eyes to look at the shells under a microscope in a air cooled lab. Well this is what she can't guess.

Who is responsible for this? Her ignorance, nay. Her parents, nay. Or may be it is her poverty stricken life. Or it may even be Gods "plan". But actually, its the absence of a lens that put forth the magnified world in front of her vitamin A deficient eyes.

Well there are many more like her. Children who can differentiate right from left but not from Right and Wrong. Children who can't see the difference between starter, main course and a dessert. Children who are not aware how lemon ice tea and cappuccino tastes. Now who can help them? Its those who know and aware of the differences.

One can say "What difference can I make, I just know how lemon ice tea tastes and can't say whats right and whats wrong". Neither of us know that, anyways. But helping her realize the taste of good food can ignite the desire in them to work for it. And it is to these hungry souls to whom we show the Right way to earn that dish.

We have to take an initiative which leaves an indelible mark in the lives. So the onus is on us to brainstorm and think of ideas and initiatives that can be practically implemented and can compensate the time lost by those who cant say what the time is now.

Lets teach them the right recipe... come lets Teach India !!

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