Wednesday, May 20, 2009

he is deb the babu !!

i am sure fish has something to do with IQ of ppl who consume it. At least for Kaushik the proteins from fish influenced some neurons to compute and think quickly.
Kaushik deb is his full name, Agratala is his home town, fish is his staple food and star gazing is his hobby.
Deb comes all the way from Agartala to make Bangalore his home. He learns the local language(Kannada) and is capable of using it better than ppl who spent their life time here(some one like me).
We met him 3 years back. i along with a team mate Caren, were responsible for giving deb kt on the project we were working. He was as eager as a fish that wants to get into water and now he is so proficient with the application that we have to ask him for clarifications.
Deb is patient, supportive, and can be looked upon when someone needs help. He carries a lot of responsibilities these days. I am sure ppl like me will get crushed under such pressure.
Go on deb babu...ur sure to rock in the days to come.

//if anyone wants to know more abt deb then this link is for u

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  1. Good blog and anybody who is with our deb babu will accept this... Jai Ho deb babu :)