Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can we actually smoke them out ??

Here comes the new landmark in the history of Indian Politics. The official ban on smoking cigarettes in public areas has finally come to life. Some have welcomed it with arms wide open while some have rebuked it by showing a finger on their palm. Whatever it is, it looks like a positive step has been taken and we will have to wait for time to give its verdict on the same.

One cannot deny that this rule was brought to life with good intentions in mind. However, what it actually has done is push the smoke deep underground and the people who are supposed to hand out the "slips" will start filling his pocket. These seemingly negative impact of the rule are overrun by the positive effects of the aftermath.

But there is one question that can a ban on smoking actually bring a change in the health of those who voluntarily and involuntarily take in the burnt tobacco fumes? Well that is one question that can be affirmatively answered. Those who are addicted to smoking will continue to smoke in the so called "smokable public areas". This legal opportunity to smoke is a single point through which the smoke will continue to pour out.

The government should have actually strangled that point. But can the government afford to strangle it? No way, no way, the business walas will pounce on the babus and devour them into atoms. And then the new batch of babus will come table a new law that will wash away the efforts put forward by the old ones.

However, sometimes i wonder if the fumes from the autos that use adulterated fuel and the black smoke from the vehicles that imbue the precious natural resources are less harmful than smoke from the humble cigarette. Well smoke is smoke irrespective of whether it contains nicotine or lead. Whatever it is, the only thing that we can hope is that more positive steps are taken towards creating a pollution free environment. Because it is everyones right to breathe fresh clean air. And thanks to the Health ministers maverick nature that we have taken a step towards that dream.

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