Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Terrific Traffic !!!

A pinch of salt and a hint of citric acid might preserve the jam for long humid months to come. On the contrary I sincerely wish for an ingredient that purges the JAM and vaporizes it as fast as it builds up. I will surely make such a wish this New Year.

Pushing aside whims and fantasies let us sprinkle some facts. The roads continue to get overloaded as the clock strikes 9; the traffic comes to stand still when the rain water competes with mortals for space. And it is chocked when some maniac bumps into the bumper of a Mercedes. Well the list of scenarios can be easily built by a school kids who patiently waits on his dads bike and prays for the traffic to pile up so that he can miss school. Who knows, if the child’s innocent prayers were actually answered.

One question stands apart and that is "Is there a solution?" I don’t want to reach the destination with dust smeared on face, neatly pressed clothes soiled and with fuel and patience running out. Well one scientist tried to answer the question; he predicted some years ago that, in years to come ic engines will be seen only in museums. Unfortunately like an astrologer’s predictions. We still see lots ic engines in show rooms.

Well, we can't blame the scientist alone. He ran out of time to create a machine that can shove the oil guzzling engines into the dark. But he has not given up and when he comes out with his brain child a revolution will be waiting to happen.

Oh boy I cannot wait for that to happen. I desperately want to see roads covered by beautiful flowers and plants that grow out of black tar and would also like to see vehicles rusting their remaining days out.

Well that may take some decades and when it finally happens my son, whom I might drop to school, will surely curse the creator of the magic machine that takes people from one place to another just by a press of a button.

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