Sunday, December 14, 2008

reeboooo !!

all the characters and incidents are not assured to be not real. Resemblance to any person or event, living or non living is considered the misfortune of the society :P
For any legal issues contact my in laws :P

From the shores of the Peaceful Sea a crew set forth to explore its chances to make mullah in the land of Reeboo. An old legend that lingers says that Reeboo was discovered 10 years ago and its citizens are primitive and are yet to learn, which among shining glass crystals and dull uncut diamonds is valuable. On this epic journey the crew from Payrow discovered the truth behind the myth.

It all started a few days back when lady from the north, Reamah, who has a pretty hairstyle, took the counsel of the saint from Sabarimalay and the legendry warrior Yasee on how to market Payrow culture in Reeboo. After a long discussion they came up with a list of crew members that consisted distinguished members from the province of Weighfield in the state of Payrow.

The crew consisted of veterans like Sooneel, BajaGovinda, Soondar(a devotee of kalee). A troupe of actors, singers and dancers were also included in the crew to add an entertainment angle to the story. The presence of some children in the crew caused unexpected controversies, which was later ironed out. Finally, with a promising crew, that can demonstrate the strength of Payrow at the disposal of the lady, an itinerary was set forth for the upcoming journey.

The journey was scheduled to start early in the morning even before the sun could outshine the moon. The crew was ill prepared for situation in Reeboo because they seldom knew about the draught in the Reeboo, which caused inflation to sky rocket in this island.

Some veterans and experts who can read the thoughts of the person by looking at the actions were the first to demonstrate the talent to the discerning crowd. But it looks like their lucky star was smoked out by the menacing clouds over the Reeboo. The same can be told about the dancers and the actors. Only difference is that there were dark clouds in between the eye and brain of the judges. Not sure who conjured this spell on them; probably the Eye in front of the gate had some influence.

But the crew did not loose spirit and they found more at Inchara. And they were happy that they didn’t have to sell away their precious uncut diamonds for some cheap glass mementos.


  1. hey...dats great....reamah is very happy to read this.....will add this to my blogroll! [:)]

  2. "brilliant dude" says the saint from Sabarimalai.

  3. thank you my friends :) i am honored

  4. a good cryptic 'booo' to 'reboo' :)
    great job..