Monday, January 11, 2010

dissolved stories

The land of opportunities has many stories to say. Some of these stories are etched on the granite while some are written on the moist sand of the sea shore. There is this one guy Michael Moore who swims across stormy waters to pick up some from the sea shores before they are washed away.

'Capitalism: a love story' and 'SiCKo' are two of them. He unravels many hidden facts and holes in the systems built by a handful of unscrupulous bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen. The success of these documentaries clearly has hit a nail on their heads.

However, these documentaries leave me wondering how issues and problems like these are handled back at home. I guess most of the stories are dissolved and flushed down the drain. hmmm...Only an acidity test can tell. Its time to pull out the Litmus paper.


1 comment:

  1. Well thought of!
    The allegory to the sea and rocks are apt and intresting.
    You are right, we need a Micheal Moore for back about for starters?!!